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About us


Professional industrial tools and mobile workshops



Industrial tools have a wide application, not only in factory shops and in production lines. We are constantly discovering new applications and successfully satisfy the needs of our customers. When our company ALFAVARIA Group, Ltd. was established in 1996, we already formed strong bonds and sources of quick deliveries of globally renowned industrial tool products. Over time, we gradually expanded our activities and established the ALFAVARIA TOOLS production branch, which is a global supplier of mobile servicing and container workshops for a broad field of interest.


We have been solidifying our position on the market throughout this period and are gaining valuable experience in the field. Years of experience and resolving unique demands of customers enhances our abilities. Seemingly impossible demands become a challenge for us. The rehearsed ALFAVARIA Group team strives to accommodate your every request.


Professional quality and supplementary services


Today we provide high quality hand, electric, pneumatic, and special tools, accessories, and consumer material to many areas of production and entrepreneurship. Professional tools include exceptional servicing. For maximum use of tools supplied, we provide our customers with product consulting and professional training.


We believe that the human and meanwhile professional approach, additionally enriched with broad experience, brings efficiency, inventiveness, and originality into both your business and ours. All of this is successfully transformed into satisfied customers.


ALFAVARIA TOOLS mobile servicing and container workshops


In 2008, we sought to further accommodate our customers. Until that time, our activity was mostly business orientated. In order to make good use of our long-term experience with supplying tools and workshop equipment, we decided to expand our portfolio by producing mobile workshops, which seemed to us to be a logical step. The idea proved to be good.


Workshops for mining, the army, and even racing teams


Several product lines and designs were progressively created. From installation of workshops into shipping containers through truck conversions to servicing modifications of utility vehicles, we do it all. Customers, in addition to the ISO installed container workshops, also requested smaller versions for local use.

Our new production direction recorded successes. We suddenly realized deliveries of mobile workshops for the army in the Middle East and in other regions.


The ALFAVARIA TOOLS portfolio of mobile workshops expanded. We now successfully deliver container as well as mobile workshops for mining, oil drilling platforms, the army, firemen and other rescue units, construction sites, racing teams, even for educational needs and teaching – for example into Angola, Africa.

We look forward to satisfying your needs and demands.


Contact us a find out more.


Jan Kupsky, company executive agent and the ALFAVARIA Group team

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