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Two-floor pull out system

Ford Ranger - custom built-in for riverine police.

Two-floor pull out system to make the most of the truck bed.


Available for any type of pickup truck!


Navaho truck bed storage system for Nissan Navara

Navaho truck bed storage system now ready for the new Nissa Navara


FOR SALE - Tatra 815

Tatra 815-6, 6x6 with cummins engine, automatic transmission Twin disk.


Aluminium racking systems for fire and rescue vehicles 

Fire and rescue services

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High quality aluminium internals designed for use in fire and rescue vehicles

Immediate commencement of rescue work saves people’s lives. That is why mobility, ease of use, professionalism, and rescue team technical equipment is of utmost importance. ALFAVARIA TOOLS quality aluminium internals in fire and rescue vehicles meet all important collision, fire, flood, and other parameters necessary in natural disasters. The built-in design provides a perfect background for rescue work. We shall consult the design and implementation of the internal with you, and adjust it accordingly according to your specialization. It may be installed in personal, utility vehicles, as well as trucks.

Showcase: Mobile containers for Fire and rescue services

Fire and rescue
Fire and rescue
Fire and rescue
Fire and rescue
Fire and rescue
Fire and rescue
Fire and rescue
Fire and rescue
Fire and rescue

Aluminium internals designed for rescue work is particularly suitable for the following purposes:

  • Fire vehicles
  • Ambulances
  • Mine rescue vehicles
  • Emergency and failure service vehicles for gasmen, water managers, electricians
  • Emergency vehicles of security forces, civic, chemical, and radiation protection
  • Rescue team vehicles in explosive, chemical, and oil product manufacturing plants
  • Emergency rail, air, and water vehicles.
  • Emergency veterinary service vehicles

The main advantages of fire and rescue vehicle conversions:

  • 100% aluminium design assures low weight, which means a higher effective vehicle weight.
  • We make maximum use of effective capacity: as such, sufficient space for handling and work remains.
  • Aluminium is corrosion resistant, it has high stability, strength, and durability.
  • Individual components are removable and can be re-installed in a different vehicle.
  • We provide a large selection of components for the specific type of rescue work.

High quality equipment at affordable prices

Built-in additions in fire and rescue vehicles are equipped with a wide assortment of high quality tools. We can adapt them to any rescue deployment. We place hand, electric, and pneumatic tools in the workshop, pneumatic scissors, a pump, compressor, generator, and many other components.

View the internal equipment options.

An important factor when designing built-in systems is also the securing of stored material. We pay particular attention to securing safety of firemen and rescue workers, while considering ergonomics and ease of use.

Your safety comes first

We complement the built-in systems with high quality professional shop furniture with many safety features, for example with drawers that extend 100% as well as stops to prevent accidental ejection. Mobile workshops contain modules for safe placement of material, shelf components with hinged stops.

Review the comprehensive overview and mobile aluminium furniture options.

An extensive range of accessories – large variety of use for rescue work

Wide variety of accessories allows you to convert your built-in system to a perfect rescue workstation. As an example, we present aluminium and unbreakable cases, dust and water-proof boxes, hose holders, telescopic support rods, hooks, and dividers.

Choose from a wide selection of accessories

Why choose a built-in mobile system from ALFAVARIA TOOLS

  • We design individual solutions for each customer, which we consult with you.
  • We take care of complete servicing.
  • We are able to provide the conversion, vehicle included, as an example for Tatra trucks.
  • We train operating personnel on how to fully use the benefits of the conversion, train firemen and rescue personnel.
  • We enjoy our work, and your satisfaction is our goal.

Contact us and ask about our price offer at no obligation. Send us your inquiry and take advantage of all the benefits that we provide our customers. We look forward to serving you and to fulfilling your wishes.


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