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Two-floor pull out system

Ford Ranger - custom built-in for riverine police.

Two-floor pull out system to make the most of the truck bed.


Available for any type of pickup truck!


Navaho truck bed storage system for Nissan Navara

Navaho truck bed storage system now ready for the new Nissa Navara


FOR SALE - Tatra 815

Tatra 815-6, 6x6 with cummins engine, automatic transmission Twin disk.



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Advantages of mobile workshops from ALFAVARIA Group:


Customized solution from a single supplier:

  • We approach each solution, design, and order individually.
  • We provide custom container workshops as a complete set – meeting customer demands and expectations exactly, as well as the demands of use.
  • We implement container workshops from as low as a single piece; however, we continue to maintain a favourable price.  

Proffessional quality at an attractive price:

  • We use many years of experience when delivering tools for the industrial sector
  • We equip workshops with top, verified instruments, tools, and technical equipment.
  • We guarantee the quality of technical implementation and the quality of used materials, tools, and equipment.
  • We cooperate only with verified supplies of tools and workshop equipment.
  • We are ready to solve any of your demands, if technically possible.

Always designed with safety features in mind:

  • We pay attention to ergonomics, ease of use, and fast access to all components

Advantages of built-in car systems from ALAFAVARIA Group: 

Made of 100% aluminium:

  • Our built-in systems are made of 100% aluminium; as such, they are lightweight, which provides greater utility loading of the vehicle
  • Aluminium is corrosion resistant, has high stability and strength
  • Aluminium internals have an extremely long life

Proffessional quality:

  • We pay attention to professional appearance and superior quality of internals
  • Your safety is a priority for us, the stored load is perfectly fastened
  • We respect the novel design of natural aluminium’s appearance.

Customized solution for any vehicle type:

  • We have a large selection of individual components
  • We install internals into cars of all sizes
  • There is a wide range of accessories available for various professions and trades
  • They are removable and can be re-installed in a different vehicle
  • We use the maximum usable capacity, providing you with more space
  • The space saved provides excellent access to stored materials
We enjoy our job. If you’re looking for good quality for a reasonable price, ALFAVARIA Group is the right solution. 

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